Extra Virgin Avocado Oil 250ml

  • Perfect for drizzling, sizzling and dipping - A far more subtle, buttery taste than olive or coconut oil
  • Filled with the goodness of 15 avocados, our extra virgin avocado oil is high in monosaturated fats, vitamin E and omega 9
  • Extra virgin avocado oil is suitable for FODMAP, ketogenic, paleo, banting, low carb, SCD and gluten free diets - The oil also has a high smoke point of 255°C, more stable than other oils
  • An impressive fatty acid profile of approx 70% Monounsaturates, 16% Saturates and 14% Polyunsaturates, Avocado oil is high in the heart healthy Monounsaturated fats and low in the health detrimental and inflammatory PUFA’s

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